Nashville DUI Lawyer

Misconceptions In A Nashville DUI

A DUI case is just like any other case, right?

Wrong. Most criminal trials entail extensive independent investigations, and require the prosecution to provide substantial evidence. When it comes to DUI trials, however, many judges and juries are satisfied with circumstantial evidence and hearsay from a police officer before handing down a guilty verdict. It takes a good DUI defense lawyer to make juries question the validity of often-unreliable staples of evidence such as field sobriety test results.

I can’t afford to hire a DUI attorney, it’s too expensive.

An attorney may seem like an unnecessary cost, but consider this. Even if it is just your first DUI offense, a conviction could lead to hundreds of dollars in fines up-front. You will also most likely be on the hook for your chemical test, which is currently $250 in the state of Tennessee. You lose wages for every day you are in jail, and too much time away could cost you your job—and this mark on your criminal record could make it more difficult to find work in the future, especially if your field requires commercial driving or you were convicted of a felony. Last, after receiving a DUI conviction, your car insurance rates could raise by as much as 3-5 times your current rate. With all of these costs on the line, you can’t afford NOT to hire a Nashville DUI lawyer to fight for you.

I don’t need a DUI attorney, I can represent myself.

You may be an intelligent and resourceful person, but you probably don’t have years of experience in the legal world. That’s okay—it’s not your job, and you’ve never needed to have such knowledge. A good Nashville DUI attorney, however, makes a career out of learning and understanding the finer points of Tennessee DUI law, knowing exactly when and how to challenge the prosecution. A good attorney has also spent years building a good reputation with the court system, gaining the respect of judges and prosecuting attorneys as well as fellow defenders. This respect can go far in explaining a case, and also be an asset if your attorney works with the court to negotiate reduced charges. From case to case, a good lawyer can mean the difference between a dismissal and a conviction. Why take a risk with your freedom?